Clinton R. Wasser

Certified Public Accountant

A Professional Corporation





Fortunately, non-profit organizations have to pay only limited taxes. They generally pay most payroll taxes as businesses do. I can assist organizations with preparing these payroll tax returns.

While non-profit organizations often do not pay income taxes, they still need to submit annual returns to the IRS. In lieu of income tax returns prepared by individuals and businesses, they submit the Form 990 series of returns to the IRS and associated returns to the state. These returns still need to be accurate and complete to maintain tax-exempt status with the IRS. In addition, these returns can help attract contributions and other support since non-profit organizations are able to show program accomplishments on these publicly-available returns.

I have extensive training and experience in preparing these non-profit returns so that they are accurate and complete. At the same time, I can prepare these returns so they present information in such a way to attract contributors to your organization.

If a non-profit has any operations similar to a profit-making business, they may need to file a Form 990-T where they may be subject to the payment of income taxes. I can prepare these returns to minimize your taxes so that you pay only what is necessary and no more.


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Last modified: March 16, 2017